Family Time: What do you like to do as a family? Games? Movies? Meals? Take a photo of you with your family doing something together. 


Birthdays: Send us a photo of how you’ve celebrated your birthday over the past year.


Winter Activities: What do you do for fun during the winter?  Ski? Sled/Tube? Hike? Send us a picture of your winter time fun.


How do you celebrate the Holidays? Send us a picture of how you celebrate the holidays. Tell us what your traditions are and what makes the holiday special. 

Pets: Send us a picture of YOU and YOUR PET together. Tell us your pet’s name and what you love most about your pet.

Summer Vacation 2020:  Send us a picture of your favorite summertime activity, trip or memory.  Tell us what you’re doing and why you loved it.

Please send photos one at a time in original size

Student Portrait Submissions: Please follow the guidelines here for taking your student's individual yearbook picture.

Pictures need to be the highest resolution possible in order to be used for the yearbook. It’s best to send the original photo directly from the phone it was taken on. When you share, you will be asked if you want to reduce the file size; choose “original size.” If sharing multiple pictures, it is best to either share them as a downloadable album link (if your phone gives that as an option) or send them one at a time. Click here for specific photo requests. 

Submit your photos directly to the yearbook!

  1. In a Google Chrome browser, go to:
  2. Search for Sunset or use the code: 95198
  3. Click ‘Create an Account’
  4. Use your email address to make your account (You only need to do this once!)
  5. Click on the blue ‘Upload Images’ bar
  6. Select the image(s) to upload
  7. Choose which album to upload the image to
  8. Don’t forget to “Tag” the people in the photo

Congratulations! You’ve completed the upload and supported the yearbook! There is no limit to how many photos you can upload, so keep them coming!