Three ballot measures are being considered for 2022. An Educational Programs & Operations (E&O) Levy, Transportation Levy, and Capital Levy. The current E&O levy expires in 2022 and the E&O levy being discussed will provide funding for 2023-2026. E&O levy funds are used to support current enrichment programs and to fully fund required programs that are partially funded by state and federal dollars. A list of Issaquah School District programs and activities requiring enrichment funds can be viewed here. A transportation levy is being discussed to purchase buses that are at the end of their lifecycle and to add 20 buses additional buses by 2026. A capital levy is being discussed to address two categories:

  • Technology Levy: funding for equipment, professional development, and support to bring technology integration to all students K-12. Slide presentation here. Here is a list of current (blue) and net new budgeted items for the technology levy.
  • Critical Repairs and Capital Infrastructure: Projects that are essential to maintaining safety and foundational standards at our buildings (e.g. HVAC, roof repairs); and to completing planned school building projects. Slide presentation here, capital levy content begins on slide 6.

As always, the district website will post the presentation slides and meeting minutes for public view. The slides are very informative as to what these levies will fund and how education is funded in Washington state. If you have any questions or concerns about levy funding and programs, please share them with the committee